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SMTO Annual Conference - 19th/20th March 2022 - Edinburgh Academy Junior School, Edinburgh.  BOOK HERE                    Man Walking 2022 Man Walking 2022Man Walking 2022

                      Born to Move - Presented by James Earls  James Earls

In this wide-ranging presentation, James Earls will draw from his 30 years of experience as a soft tissue therapist and humbly admit to the ‘anatomy stories’ he has fallen victim to. Thankfully, the years eventually led to a wider understanding of the interrelationships between form and function, skeletal and soft tissues, tensegrity and reality, and he will bring these many strands together to show how, finally, they can all be applied to understand the use of soft tissues in movement.

Combining Movement & Bodywork

During this workshop we will explore the functional interrelationships of the shoulders, trunk and lower limbs. Bodywork techniques will be taught as you feel the ways in which the pectoral muscles affect the thoracic and lumbar spine, and how they can all relate to the opposite hip and even into the opposite knee and foot. Many tissues will be covered in this two-day event and you will come away with an immediate hands-on experience of how the body transfers force, new ways to assess it and new methods to treat and re-educate your clients’ movement.

We will be performing functional bodywork by having the client standing and moving in certain ways that allow simultaneous treatment and assessment making the work ideal for pitch or track-side. The principles taught during this workshop will allow you to apply the techniques immediately for the benefit of your clients.