Training Summary

John Sharkey brought his unique anatomical dissection knowledge of fascia and human anatomy/physiology, and combined it with current scientific evidence, providing a different and unique approach to the treatment of pain and injury to a wide array of therapists!

At the end of these two-days of underlying theory and hands-on techniques you will leave with:

  • an arsenal of ammunition in the war on pain and injury treatment, including knee pain, frozen shoulder, elbow pain and many more!
  • new found skills and knowledge that can be immediately used on return to your clients
  • techniques that you can use on sports-specific complaints in the lead up to London Olympics 2012!
  • specific hands-on experience based on European Neuromuscular Therapy (see below)
  • understanding and practical application of John’s ‘MyoTensegrity’ model (the one muscle hypothesis)
  • skills to stimulate identified fascial mechanoreceptors
  • ability to actively engage your clients in the process through ‘Full Body Kinetic Chain Integration’
  • how to incorporate Active Cold Therapy Stretching (ACTS) into your treatments

Providing real time audio visual technology you will not miss a finger placement or fascial manipulation technique wherever you are in the room. The workshop will have, as its central theme, the concept of fascia as a continuous and intercommunicating connective tissue, essential for movement, health and life.

European Neuromuscular Therapy is a therapeutic system intrinsically focused on the connective tissues and fasciae of the human body in its theoretical underpinning, clinical reasoning, and hands-on application. The “Chain” analogy will be used with individual muscles making up the “links”. Respect will be paid to a number of individuals including (but not limited to) Beach, Myers, Souchard, Busquet, Hedley and Stecco for their contributions to the topic.

John Sharkey BSc, MSc, is director of Ireland’s National Training Centre (www.ntc.ie ), senior tutor with the University of Chester and Medical Team Member of the Olympic Council of Ireland. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies (JBMT) and is the programme leader for the newly established Masters degree in Neuromuscular Therapy. A Neuromuscular Therapist and an accredited Exercise Physiologist (British Association of Sport and Exercise Scientists) John is a recognised pioneer in the area of bodywork therapy. John Sharkey is a graduate of Liverpool University and University of Chester, and the founder of European Neuromuscular Therapy. A respected Anatomist with more than twenty years dissection experience and author of the ‘Concise Book of Neuromuscular Therapy’. John has been a full member of the Olympic Council of Ireland’s Medical team since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.





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