The SMTO Conference 2010 was presented by Ralph Stephens,, USA entitled 'Medical Massage for the Abdominal Wall & Shoulder Girdle'. A brief synopsis of the Seminar can be found below.
2010 SMTO Award Winner - Susan MollisonThe recipient of the Nick Carter Memorial Salver for Services to Massage Therapy was Susan Mollison from the sumo Falkirk School of Massage (seen here with SMTO Chairman, Maggie Brooks-Carter).
Training summary:
Where it hurts is where it ain't
- Ida Rolf. The front of the back is where it's at! Learns powerful medical massage techniques for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of the entire torso. Emphasis will be placed on developing precise palpatory skills, quality of touch, correct therapist body-mechanics, and effective patient communications. This work helps you resolve stubborn complaints from the neck to the pelvis.
You will learn how to treat conditions such as:
Low Back Pain  Psoas Problems
Postural Distortion Rotator Cuff Injuries
Abdominal Complaints  Frozen Shoulder
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome ROM Limitations
Mid & Upper Back Pain and Much More!!
With safe, simple, pain-free techniques
Day 1 - The Abdominal Wall
Unlocking the torso. Anterior and lateral portions of the abdominal wall - superficial and deep will be discussed and examined. Techniques will be correlated with postural analysis to improve your efficiency. This is the missing work that few therapists know to do, yet most patients with low back pain need. You will learn how the abdominal musculature is also involved in neck-shoulder complaints and injuries.
Day 2 - Shoulder Girdle
This includes assessment tests for the rotator cuff, a complete Active Isolated Stretching - Mattes Method stretching routine for the shoulder, precise palpation of each muscle of the shoulder joint, and demonstrations of exercises for shoulder health.
About the Instructor
Ralph Stephens LMT NCTMB
[2008 Inductee - Massage Therapy Hall of Fame!] is an internationally recognized instructor, therapist and author, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, who has been practising massage since 1986. 
One of a few master instructors in the profession, Ralph clearly presents what you need to know to help people in a way that you can take it home and use it immediately. He is known for making complex anatomical concepts easy to understand and fun to learn.
Ralph has worked with many world class athletes and was Sports Massage Team leader for the 1990 World Disabled Skiing Championships. He’s produced 16 training videos, a textbook [Therapeutic Chair Massage] and many articles. He presents advanced continuing education seminars in Sports, Medical and Chair Massage, helping people like you help more people. In 1997 he was awarded the AMTA National Meritorious Award for commitment and dedication to the profession.




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