On-Site Massage - Stress

By Amanda Brooks, DARM, DIR, OSM, SMTO


On-Site Massage is performed through the clothes on a specially designed chair. It lasts for 15-20 minutes and is aimed at the

Stress Massagecorporate environment. Its aims are to first of all relax the client, de-stressing and relieving general muscular tension,and then to rejuvenate and re-vitalise, ready to go back to work. 

On-Site Massage is an innovative way for a company to improve the productivity of their employees. Many companies have also found a decline in absenteeism.

The Touch Research Institute in Florida has a published study on the benefits of On-Site Massage. The results are as follows:-

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Sarah's pain in the neck


Sarah, a 37-year old active woman, came to me for treatment for pain in her shoulders and neck. She had been troubled by this since falling off a ladder two years previosly. She described the pain as a toothache-like sensation at the anterior aspect of her left scapula when her neck was in a certain orientation. She also felt that her present condition may have been aggravated by an aquatic aerobics class she had attended two weeks earlier. Sarah also revealed, during the consultation, that she sometimes took St John's Wort to counter periods of depression.

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Shoulder Injury Case Study

Note: For this essay when I refer to ‘left’ and ‘right’, this always represents the client’s ‘left’ and ‘right’ side of their body.

Treatment No: 1

My client is a 57 year old female who is in good health and works as a sports and remedial massage therapist; she is currently finishing a diploma in advanced sports & pain in her left shoulder and she says the range of movement in that shoulder is limited. My client feels like she holds her emotions in her shoulders and throat area. Her left arm/shoulder feels ‘stiff’ in the morning, but as the shoulder is used throughout the day, it does get easier to move it around. The shoulder pain started about one year ago, which my client believes may have started from a dancing class and has progressively got worse.

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