Book NowThe SMTO AGM & Annual Conference takes place at the end of March each year, at Edinburgh Academy Junior School, 10 Arboretum Road, Edinburgh EH3 5PL

The 2018 event will be presented by Myofascial Release UK (Ruth Duncan & Linda Currie) on the 24th/25th March 2018, 9am-5pm both days.

The 2-day hands-on workshop is entitled "A Fascial Approach to the Management of Persistent Pain".

The aim of this special 2-day event is to provide a deeper insight into what fascia really is, what it does in the body, and to deliver ‘take home’ techniques and applications for the treatment of persistent pain, which can be immediately incorporated into existing practices.

Learning outcomes; therapists will be able to-

  • Discuss the theory and current research of the fascial system and its role in health
  • Describe the development of fascia, its structural function and dysfunction and the physiological effects of a variety of fascial release techniques
  • Demonstrate sustained light-touch pressure fascial techniques including cross hand-release techniques, longitudinal and transverse planes
  • Demonstrate myofascial techniques for the shoulders, neck and hips
  • Understand and discuss the value of compression of the fascial system as a fascial technique
  • Apply and receive multi-therapist techniques to enhance their understanding and kinaesthetic approach to fascia
  • Demonstrate fascial palpatory diagnostic skills
  • Discuss the importance of the various responses to myofascial treatment
  • Explore myofascial unwinding, myofascial rehabilitation approaches and fascial self-care approaches.

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The days will be divided into segments of lecture, demonstration by tutor, then work in partnerships with supervision by tutor and assistants.  Handouts will include appropriate illustrations and instructions. Time for questions and answers will be provided.


If you have a nomination for the Nick Carter Memorial Salver for Services to Massage Therapy do let us know.

The Trade Exhibition will be running both days from 9am to 5pm. The Trade Exhibition is open to everyone, free of charge. In attendance we have Songbird Naturals - selling Massage Wax & Balms, Handspring Publishing - bringing you lots of new books, Scottish Massage Schools - with details of courses, sweatshirts, oils, Hedgetables - herbal chocolate! and may more....... 

Title:                A Fascial Approach to the Management of Persistent Pain

Venue:            Edinburgh Academy Junior School, 10 Arboretum Road,

                        Edinburgh EH3 5PL

Investment:   £200 (SMTO members) / £250 (non-SMTO)

                        £100 non-refundable deposit.  

                        Early bird £150 (SMTO) / £200 (non) paid in full by 31/12/17,

                        £175 (SMTO) / £225 (non) by 31/1/18

Dates:             24th & 25th March 2018; Saturday & Sunday, 9am – 5pm

Contact:         SMTO, 27 Craigs Ave, Edinburgh EH12 8HS.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  08454-638852 or 07715-663852

You can download the booking form by clicking on the Book Now button.