There is currently no statutory regulation as yet in Complementary Medicine in this country – the UK – but the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council are the voluntary regulatory body and its register is now open. There are representatives from 12 Complementary Therapies working together and most are now part of this regulatory register. You can visit the website on .

The General Council for Massage Therapies is the regulatory body for Massage Therapy after working with a Federal Working Group under the guidance of the Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health. The GCMT is now the voice of Massage Therapy and is working with the regulatory body (CNHC). Members of the GCMT Council are members of the Profession Specific Boards which advises the CNHC. The Professional Standards Authority has now formed to be the super-regulator.

The Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation was one of the founder organisations of the General Council for Massage Therapies and we follow their guidelines in regard to codes of conduct, standards of education and so on.

You can visit the websites on and

If you have decided to relocate, and wish to join the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation, we welcome applications from ALL massage therapists NOT just home-grown Scottish ones! We have an arrangement with an insurance company who offer discounted insurance to our members. You will need to give us information on your course – a course transcript would be great along with copies of your diplomas and details of your assessments – details on what we require can be provided along with our Non-Affiliated School download.

We cannot give you any advice in regard to visas – if you are not from an EU country you would have to apply to work in the UK, as for any work.

Therapists are listed on the SMTO website. Some are working in clinics, health and fitness clubs, spas while others are working part time or full time as self-employed therapists from home – and of course, some do home visits. The National Health Service exists here so people are not used to paying for healthcare but Massage Therapy, Remedial and Sports Massage Therapy, Advanced Remedial Massage and Reflexology are becoming more and more popular – as has happened in Canada, USA and Australia – people vote with their feet!

If you require any further information then please don’t hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone the office on +44 (0)8454 638852.

Thank you for your interest in the SMTO, and good luck!